🌐About the Initiative

The DPI Safeguards initiative is a multi-stakeholder process bringing together diverse voices to develop a safeguards framework to guide digital public infrastructure design and implementation around the world. Launched on September 17, 2023, the initiative represents a commitment to including and protecting everyone everywhere, while accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The DPI Safeguards initiative focuses on three key areas:

  1. Development of the DPI Safeguards Framework: From Principles to Implementation: Through multi-stakeholder convenings and expert-led discussions, the Framework will focus on principles, processes, and practices with an implementation lens.

  2. Establishment of the DPI Safeguards Resource Hub: A community hub for the DPI Safeguards initiative, providing updated knowledge, guidance, and resources from diverse partners, as well as facilitating international and in-country collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  3. In-Country DPI Safeguards Adoption: While the DPI Safeguards Framework is being developed, in-country applications of DPI will be used as a test bed to gather insights to improve the Framework's development.

The initiative adopts a comprehensive risk mitigation approach, identifying potential risks across various layers of digital transformation and the DPI implementation life cycle. This approach is pivotal to enhancing compliance, trust, and equity, fostering safe and inclusive societies globally. By constructing robust mechanisms tailored to address diverse user needs, DPI Safeguards ensures a holistic and inclusive risk mitigation strategy, safeguarding DPI integrity and building a secure environment for all stakeholders involved in implementation.

Check out the DPI Safeguards Workbook to learn more about the methodology: DPI Safeguards Workbook

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